Monday, June 14, 2010

Safari Park

Sunday we went to a Safari Park. We had a great time but it was very , very humid and eventually it rained on us. Josie LOVED seeing all the animals and rode in her stroller or walked without compliant. It was very, very hot and sticky but she was an absolute trooper. We saw so many wonderful animals and it was definitely worth it! Tonight we are thinking of ordering a pizza. I guess they have Papa Johns here so we'll see if it tastes like home.

We miss the boys terribly and can't wait to have the whole family together. Thank you to everyone who is helping with them. We truly appreciate it!!!!
Now for the pictures! I guess this island used to be owned by the French and the British so there are many European influences including many beautiful statues. You can see them in some of the pictures. In one of the pictures Josie and Ben are feeding a giraffe. Josie didn't want to get too close. There is also a picture where you can see Josie's visor from the Safari Park. She loves it! I think the tigers were her favorite part. I loved the pandas!!!!
Monday we go back to the medical clinic for the TB and medical check results. We don't anticipate any problems but please say a prayer that all goes well.

Love and miss you all!!!!

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