Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Day in Nanchang

Today is our last day in Nanchang. Josie is taking her last nap in her home province. She sleeps with the Kai-Lan doll close as you can see in the picture. WE shopped a little bit and went to McDonald's before nap time. We bought Josie a couple more toys. One of them is a Nemo fish. She LOVES fish! She loves them so much that the only English word she's said so far is "fish". She is starting to talk but just in Chinese. She opens up a little more each day. she is an absolute doll!
She will not let Ben and I out of her sight and needs to hold one of our hands at all time when we're not in our hotel room. It's so cute. It will be interesting to see how she does in the open space of Nebraska. I can't wait to see her play with the boys!!!! We miss them so much! It's amazing the little things you miss. I can't wait to squeeze them!!!!

Here are some more pictures of Josie since I know that's what you are all waiting for. Thanks for the prayers .... we're half way there and I can feel the prayers so please keep them coming!!!!

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