Saturday, June 19, 2010

HOME at last!!!

Hey everyone! We made it home safely!!!! We arrived at the airport last night right on schedule and were welcomed by a wonderful group of family and friends!!! It was SO great to see everyone! Josie was a little overwhelmed but started loving on her brothers on the trip home. Since then, she's been in love with all of them and they are definitely in love with her! They are so excited about everything she does. She is always willing to give them hugs which they all love!

When we arrived home, our house was decorated by friends and family. It was full of balloons, signs and gifts. It was definitely not necessary but so appreciated!! Josie loves her new home, her room and her family. She slept very well in her bed and has been playing with her brothers all morning. It's the best sight!!!

I should also mention that Josie was an absolute angel on our long journey home. We had a 15 hour plane ride and she was an absolute dream. I cannot thank everyone enough for the prayers and support. Josie is home and our hearts are overflowing!!!!


  1. These pictures are so awesome! I love seeing how excited the boys are to finally meet her. I'm so glad she slept well in her new bed :) I was praying that the transition would be easy for her. Can't wait to meet her and see you guys in a month or so!

  2. Loving the photos of Josie with the boys

  3. How beautiful is that! I am glad you are home safe and sound - can't wait to hear more!!