Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Official

It's official!!! Josie is our daughter. We went to the Civil Affairs office today and had her passport photo taken and our "official family photo". Josie was a perfect angel. She has such a sweet, sweet spirit and is very easy so far. She loves quietly playing with all of her new things. She is very patient and just has a peace about her. I can't really describe it but you'll feel it when you meet her. She doesn't let us too far out of her sight and is very affectionate. She is going to love her older brothers!!!!
Many websites and email addresses are blocked here so we are unable to email many of you. Please watch the blog for updates.
We had KFC today! We had chicken nuggets and Pepsi with ice!!! Big treat for us and it tasted great. She is a good eater but likes to hold food in her mouth and not swallow. Right now her and daddy are watching Chinese cartoons. Almost nap time. More later. Thanks for all the prayers. We can feel them!

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