Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Couch and Dessert!

Tuesday started out by waiting in our room to make sure all of our visa paperwork was okay. God news - everything is fine! Next, Josie took a nap and then we dresser her up for the red couch picture. As you can see, she looked absolutely darling but if we haven't mentioned yet, you can see in the picture that she doesn't really interact with the other kids much. In fact, she ignores them.
After the couch picture, we took the group photo in front of the waterfall and then went to the High Tea Buffet as a group. Josie finally discovered that yes, she does love Chocolate!!!!
Today is the Dragon Boat Festival so the Chinese people have the day off. We've been told it will be very busy so we may just go swimming in the hotel if it's not raining. It is very humid here and has been raining a lot. Tomorrow we take a train to Hong Kong and fly out Friday morning. I cannot wait to see the boys!!!! and everyone else of course.
Thanks for the prayers and support!

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