Monday, June 14, 2010

More New Things!!!

Okay ... Heather here, sorry I am behind! But I think I am caught up now, so enjoy!

It's Monday in Guangzhou and the start of the Dragon Boat Holiday. We started our day by going back to the medical center for Josie's TB test results. We received good news .. she is TB free!!!! Thank you for the prayers! After that, we went swimming. It was finally sunny out and it felt good to get in the water. At first she was a little hesitant but she like it once she got in.
She is definitely showing more of her personality and now loved to push the elevator buttons and has more of an opinion about things. She is so stinkin' cute and it's hard to stop taking pictures of her! She is starting to talk more and today she said "boat" all on her own. It was clear from the beginning that she loves the boats and fish!!! Sounds like she'll be spending a lot of time with grandpa B! Get ready, Gramps!!!!
Tomorrow will be a busy day. Our agency has our visa appointment and then we will take the infamous red couch pictures! For those of you that don't know the White Swam has a red couch. It is a tradition for the adoptive families to line up the children on the red couch and take their pictures. We will then take our group picture and have our group meal. We only have 5 families in our group. One of the families is from Lincoln and one from Sioux Falls, SD so we definitely have a Midwestern theme. All of our families are very sweet and the children are darling!
We've been skping with gramma, grampa and the boys and it sounds like it's been raining a lot. We miss them so much! Josie is starting to recognize their names. It's so fun to see. I know she will love her older brothers!!!

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