Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 99......but it's OK!

Yep, today is day 99 of waiting for our LOA. Yes, this is far above the average, yes, it's hard and yes, there are days when I want to scream but's OK! I know God has a plan and I know He knows far more about what is best. What is best for Josie, for us, for our boys, for everyone. So today, it's day 99 and it's OK.

Our agency did check on our LOA and everything is fine with our paperwork. It seems it got "caught up" somewhere between translation and review so it could be a few more weeks. So, if we do the math, we won't travel in March and probably won't travel in April. I'm hoping for sure by May! Please continue to pray for us and that we can bring Josie home as soon as possible. My parents will be the primary caregivers for our 3 boys when we are in China so for their sake, I want to travel before school gets out. As always, we appreciate all the prayer and support throughout this journey. Nobody said it would be easy but I know it will be worth it!!

Look at that precious face!!!

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