Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Photo and Update!

No LOA yet but today we received a sponsorship report from Holt with this picture included. She's giving us her standard pose and it's so stinkin' precious!! This is a report that Holt sends to the family that is currently sponsoring Josie's care. I'm not sure who this family is but I am so thankful for them. If you go to Holt's website http://www.holtinternational.org/ and click on "sponsor a child", you can pick a country and a child to sponsor. Some wonderul family did this for Josie and they are sent a sponsorship report every 4 months updating them on how she is doing. Now that we are adopting Josie, we receive the reports as well. It sounds like she is doing great! She is such a little peanut - she weighs about 31 lbs and is about 35 1/2 in tall at age 4! This is about the size our boys were at age 2!!

The report also says that she enjoys singing very much and that she is "a little bit spoiled and will cry bitterly if unsatisfied". Isn't that cute? It sounds like she has quite the personality and will be ready to take charge of those brothers of hers!

Please, please pray that we receive all of our approvals soon so that we can bring her home. I was originally hoping to travel in February but that is looking less likely. Please keep her in your prayers.

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