Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Switching Agencies

Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, our home study was approved in January 2009 and we were on our way. We began gathering our many, many documents for our dossier and working closely with the China program workers at our adoption agency. For those of you that have adopted, you know that your adoption agency is very, very important in this process. Although we went with a very reputable and I still believe, wonderful agency, we began having doubts about our choice and after a lot of thought and prayer, we made the decision to switch adoption agencies. In May of 2009, we began this painful process. This meant we had to start all over with our home study which cost us additional time and money. However, our move to Holt International agency would be a wonderful choice! I knew from the first time I talked to them that this was the right agency for us. They were very open with their information and easy to work with. They quickly completed our home study and it was approved in July of 2009. We were one step closer to seeing Josie's precious face for the first time!

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