Friday, August 13, 2010

Home 8 Weeks!

We have been home for 8 weeks with Josie and she is adjusting so well! She is sleeping better except for the occasional night terror. She is eating better although we are still trying to put some more weight on her. She really is an incredible little girl and we feel so lucky that God chose us to be her family!

Last weekend we went to Ben's parents cabin and Josie was able to tube for the first time. She LOVED it!

Next week the boys go back to school and we are also planning for Josie to start preschool. We will see how she does. If she doesn't want to go, we won't force it so we'll see. Either way, Josie and I will be having more mommy/daughter alone time!

I am including a variety of pictures. Some of them will show her newly discovered LOVE of ice cream! Some of them show the beautiful outfits my niece Michenzie had made for her and cousin Teya in Africa and some of them show our time at the cabin. Enjoy!

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