Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life with a GIRL!

Josie and I are both experiencing new things. Everything is new to Josie and having a girl around is new to me. I LOVED having boys and never even longed for a girl. People would always ask......."are you going for a girl?". I honestly never thought I was missing out on anything. I just wanted one of our children to have their dad's beautiful black hair and brown eyes. Well, guess what? Josie gave us that beautiful black hair and brown eyes but she also given us the joy of having a girl.
See, what I didn't realize is that girls are very different to raise. She LOVES shopping, she LOVES cooking, she even LOVES cleaning! She really is the opposite of what I remember about our boys at this age. She likes to color, cut, draw and use her fine motor skills. The boys just wanted to run, kick, shoot, and use their gross motor skills. It really is different but it's a lot of fun!
Now for the fun stuff, I am including our first family pic! I can't believe it took us more than a month to take a pic with our new, larger family! We took Josie to Oceans of Fun with our friends the Millers and we had an AWESOME time. I am also including some of Josie cooking and feeding the chickens. Is she the sweetest little cowgirl ever?

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