Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I800 Approval!

We received an email yesterday that our I800 was approved. This is another hurdle we've jumped and are getting closer to bringing little Josie home! I am also waiting for the Fed Ex guys today. He's scheduled to bring our VISAs so we can travel to China.

We are still working on Josie's room and have decided to put wainscoting on the ceiling so it's not quite done yet. When it's all finished I'll post some pictures.

Yesterday I also picked up some letters that we wrote to Josie. I asked the local Chinese restaurant if someone could translate them for me and they were glad to. They did it very quickly! Now, I just need to get her room completed so we can take some pictures of it to send to her along with the letters.

Things are moving along! Please, please continue to pray for Josie.

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