Thursday, November 18, 2010

Okay, okay.......

Okay, so I don't update my blog very often. I know, I know. Our lives just aren't that exciting but okay, MA, I will at least give you some new pictures to look at.

Josie is doing so great! Her newest thing is "why", "why", "why".......does anyone remember this with their toddler? Well, I guess it also happens when you're 5 but learning a new language.

She has quickly learned what a few new words mean in the last couple months.........words like "trick or treat" and "Christmas lists". You know, very important words for a 5 year old. She also showed us that she LOVES to fish. It is definitely not a new activity for her. She knows what she's doing. She can put the worm on the hook and even reel it in. She was also very aware that when the trees change and begin losing leaves, the snow isn't far behind. Every day she would ask, "snow comin' yet?" and when we would say "not yet", then she would start with "why?".

Another exciting event for our family happened on Halloween. Jackson's Junior Midget football team won the EVW championship. This is the first time this has happened in this community so it was a huge deal! The boys on the team agreed to shave their heads if they won and Noah joined in just for fun. It was quite a sight watching all the boys get their heads shaved on Halloween night. Great memories!!

Enjoy the photos.....

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  1. Yeehaw!! Love the pics! Now really Jodi, was it that hard and you have brought such joy to so many hearts! Those kids are awesome!
    Mary Ann